The team

Dr Ignacio Larrabide Director of the Vascular Unit

Ignacio brings to Galgo Medical extensive experience in computational modelling of the vascular system and minimally invasive endovascular treatment. He lead the development of the Fast Virtual Stenting method. He leads the Vascular Unit, which develops software applications for the medical device industry.

During his Doctoral studies he contributed in the HeMoLab group at Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica - LNCC/MCT, RJ - Brazil (National Laboratory for Scientific Computation). He led a research team within CISTIB at UPF focused on Image-Based Technologies in Vascular Modelling and Hemodynamics. Up to date, he authored and co-autored more than 20 publications in top journals and more than 50 papers in international conferences in his field of research, in collaboration with multidisciplinary research teams (engineers, medical doctors, physicists, software developers). He been involved in a number of public funded projects, such as @neurIST (FP6-ICT-3-027703), euHeart (FP7-ICT-2007-1-224495), MSV (FP7-ICT-2009-4-248032), VPH-SHARE (FP7-ICT-2009-6-269978), cvREMOD and previously CDTEAM. His current research and development interests include all aspects of medical image processing, morphology characterization, virtual medical device modelling, and medical software development.

Ignacio received his degree in Software Engineering (2003) at the Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina (UNICEN) and his PhD in Computational Modelling (2007) at LNCC/MCT, Petrópolis, RJ - Brazil.

Jacobo Gil de Biedma Business Development Director

Jacobo has founded several Medical IT companies and brings more than 25 years in marketing and sales experience with a wide knowledge of the Medical Imaging market worldwide. As founder and CEO of ALMA IT Systems (Barcelona, Spain), an enterprise devoted to the development and sales of medical imaging software products, he managed to sale in 5 years more than 3.500 licenses worldwide, signing agreements with the leading international market players.

Hector Fernandez Senior Software Engineer

Héctor has been working as a scientific developer at UPF for the last two years. He brings to Galgo Medical his experience on Medical Imaging Software Development and Medical Data Analysis.

He holds a degree in Particle Physics and optoelectronics from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (2003). He also received a Certificate of Advanced Studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid for his work on optical properties of metal nanoparticles, non-linear optics and ultrashort laser pulses at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) 2003 to 2008.

Hector also has a broad experience working in the private sector as an analyst on predictive mathematical models (2008-2011). He was leading a project with Telefonica.

During his stay at UPF he has been working both on national and european projects such as VPH-Share and cvRemod, where he led the software development of tools for DataBase selection, classification and similarity search of aneurysms and the integration and release of the clinical prototypes.

Laura Obradó Product Specialist

Additionally ...

The team has broad experience in industry contracts as well as RDT-public funded programs having been involved in the following EU-projects:

In the context of Spanish public RTD funding, the team has been involved in the Spanish CDTI funded projects cvREMOD and previously CDTEAM, among other national and regional for R&D&I. The team has also significant international research experience, in particular in Singapore and Asia.

Galgo Medical
Predictive Software for Safer Treatment

Galgo develops 3D medical image post-processing software solutions to add predictive value to personalized treatment strategies. Each patient is different and requires tailored treatment: personalized medication, surgical implants and interventional strategies. The increasing availability of high-quality patient images enables Galgo's algorithms and software to extract key clinical information to support clinical decision-making and planning and guidance of interventional procedures.

Galgo has focused on four medical disciplines:

Intra-cranial aneurysms, to plan, for each patient, the endovascular treatment with braided devices.

Epilepsy, to tailor the implantation of deep electrodes using complex 3D multimodal data.

Arrhythmias, to identify the arrhythmic substrate and to plan catheter ablation procedures from cardiac MRI.

Osteoporosis, to improve disease management by turning DXA images into 3D patient-specific models.

iso 13485
Galgo Medical SL has been certified by BSI to ISO 13485:2016 under certificate number MD 656038.